Safety : guaranteeing the physical integrity of workforce


Safety at work must be a priority for any company manager, the person with prime responsibility for maintaining the physical integrity of the workforce.


Improve the level of safety has the advantages :

reflect the health and vigour of the company

cut costs substantially, both direct costs and overheads

reduce absenteeism rate by improving working conditions

optimize organization and operations

organise constructive discussion with trade union organisations


The GME methodology recommends the use of standards which determine the normal, smooth operating conditions.

Strict application of these standards and the rapid elimination of all technical abnormalities will reduce considerably the potential dangers, and thereby the risks of having an accident.

The prior technical work is essential but is not enough.

This must be supplemented by an improvement in human behaviour. Bad practices are responsible for over 80% of accidents !


  1. To improve safety, Factory Systems has developed the Factory software. Various tools have been designed such as :
    1. Yellow cards that detects and records safety problems. Efficient corrective actions could then be launched thanks to deep analysis via specialized module
    2. Yellow Improvement or Corrective Action Card for Security Purposes
    3. Cleaning inspection standards
    4. Analysis tools, very useful for identifying critical places, dangerous gestures, recurrent injuries.
    5. The various reports and reports, very useful for measuring, evaluating, tracing.

Safety plan

Factory Systems helps you develop a safety plan consisting of 11 important actions that will lead to a major improvement and an irrefutable reduction of number of accidents

  1. Safety audit
  2. Communication of the results of the audit
  3. Setting targets
  4. Communication of the targets
  5. Implement basic procedures
  6. Training supervisors
  7. Safety charter
  8. Safety competition
  9. Tracking down abnormalities
  10. Observe and react
  11. Adopt good practices