Factory Systems

Factory Systems has specific competences for the business world, in particular in industry.

Its sphere of activity extends to the “production process” in the broad sense, from sales forecasts until delivery to the customer, via the whole manufacturing process.

Its consultants have broad professional experience in the fields of management, organisation, production, maintenance, quality, safety, general management, training, communication, photography and video, programming and design of data-processing software, IT techniques and Internet.

Factory Systems has developed a modern and effective method, which allows the companies which adopt it to obtain an edge in performance over their competitors.

With an industry experience of over 30 years, since the post production engineer to the director general of Multinational Enterprises (SCA Hygiene Products and Verreries of Momignies News), through many intermediate stages Philippe Jacquemin was interested very early in the improved performance. He is convinced that success depends, of course, the quality of methods in place but the ability to develop the skills and the involvement of all personal.

By creating Factory Systems, he provides companies, trying to stand out in their area, not a modern and efficient, based on long experience in the field, on rigorous, efficient and innovative software on a communication decisions and monitoring.

Associated with CRIG – Center Research Institute Gramme – the development of its software Factory, Factory Systems support for sound scientific and flexible, able to quickly integrate the specificity of each client.