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Factory GME, an MES software that leads to industrial performance


Factory Systems supports companies by offering them a computerized work method (GME) coordinated by a complete communication software (FactoryGME), user-friendly and adapted to both operators and managers.

The primary feature of the FactoryGME MES software is that it describes the entire enterprise through photographs and plans. Each workstation is represented virtually. The factory, its departments, its production lines, its machines … Everything is indexed by means of synoptics.

This software becomes the preferred communication interface for all staff. All events are reported with colored dots depending on the nature of the event : anomalies to be reported, works to be performed, spare parts to be searched, tasks to be notified, documents to be validated …

Factory GME

FactoryGME software brings together in one platform the features of :

  • Production management  : CAPM
  • Maintenance management  : CMMS

To be a real MES dedicated to industrial performance !

FactoryGME is the guarantee for your company to :

  • increase the yield;
  • tend towards zero failure;
  • monitor your indicators in real time;
  • guarantee the safety of your staff;
  • become a paperless factory.

In short, a factory 4.0, the factory of the future!

Maintenance Management : CMMS

Factory Systems’ CMMS software includes all needed tools for effective and dynamic maintenance management.

It distinguishes itself through the graphic description of the whole enterprise by means of photographs and plans called synoptics.

Production management : CAPM

The OPERATIONS or CAPM mode includes all the modules relating to the management and monitoring of the “Supply Chain”. It stands out by its direct communication with the MAINTENANCE mode.

Any information useful for maintenance generated by the production is known in real time. Any maintenance action having an impact in production is transmitted in real time.

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FactoryGME provides an integrated connection between production and maintenance.


FactoryGME uses innovative graphical functions for intuitive use.


FactoryGME is customizable to ideally match requests.

Factory GME method leads you to Industry 4.0

The best practices

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Improve equipment performance through proactive approach and staff involvement.

ISO 9001

The GME ideally corresponds to organization and progress way  recommended by the new ISO 9001 standard. Indeed, this method meets and exceeds even the requirements prescribed by the standard.


Initially, we were afraid of change, to discover our own dysfunctions. Our bottle packaging workshop served as a pilot workshop ... and the results were immediate! A productivity gain of 4 to 5% has been observed. And above all, communication has improved within the company. Thanks to good information flow, daily life of both managers and operators is improved as they have easily taken the tool in hand. The goal now is to pass the entire brewery under FactoryGME software!
"Collaboration with Factory Systems started in 2005. Today, all of our departments are using FactoryGME software daily. 10.000 cards are encoded each year by our teams : anomaly detected, working places improvement requests, etc. It's effective in terms of monitoring, management, maintenance and productivity analysis. With unwavering commitment, Factory System continues to support us every month and to propose new developments."
"Collaboration with Factory Systems started at production management level. All Waremme site machinery park went under FactoryGME software. Given the results, we extended to the maintenance. Having CMMS and CAPM in one software makes it easier and simpler to analyze the performance of the company and allows to cross the parameters : breakdowns, maintenance, production stops, etc. The software is user-friendly and multi-user, it also allows all, operators and executives, to connect anywhere in the factory."

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