5S working environment – 5S method

Thanks to 5S method, the working environment will be greatly improved.

Improve environment

Do you like working in a dirty and muddled environment ?

Certainly not !

It is here that the 5S method comes to your help. Of course, we must spend time, but the results are spectacular and long lasting

How to proceed ?

Suivre la méthode 5S, étape par étape

  • Seiri = Seiri = Sort: in this case remove all documents and records that are not strictly necessary for your business.
  • Seiton = Straightening: classify the various documents in well identified files or in directory of your PC. Store files in cupboards or on display stands.
  • Seiso = Shining: the place being completely freed it will be easy to you to clean and possibly to repaint the degraded elements.
  • Seiketsu = Standardize: you have succeeded, but without a little effort everyday chaos will return quickly. It is important to impose a ranking and a regular cleaning routine.
  • Shitzuke = Sustain: to ensure that the results persist, do an assessment every three months, for example.


The advantages are obvious! Not only the work environment will be greatly improved, but the efficiency will also go!

To help you in implementing 5S in your factory, workshop, office, laboratory… Factory Systems offers advice and tailored implementation, with regular field monitoring. In addition, the Factory GME – 5S  software offers a management tool designed to monitor progress.