Factory GME – 5S Software

Factory GME supports you in all your "order and cleaning" processes as it is also designed for companies who wish to sustainably create new working habits in their workshops and offices.

The FactoryGME software includes specially designed modules for the daily management of your 5S housekeeping process

  • It is the ideal tool for permanently anchoring new work habits in your workshops, stores and offices.
  • It measures progress naturally at any time.
  • Its friendly and playful aspect encourages the involvement of staff!

Main features

Processes and equipment are described in detail on the basis of photos and plans. The operator finds on the screen his work environment. What essential actions does he take in the 5S domain?

  • he records all the anomalies related to the housekeeping by means of blue cards (if he treats them himself) or red (if he requires the help of the maintenance)
  • He makes suggestions (yellow cards) about the organization of his working place, especially during the “locate” phase
  • With his manager he follows the 5S master plan and progresses in the various actions (use of the project management module) while not forgetting to photograph the situations “before” and “after”
  • Later, when the cleaning standards are defined, he will perform the various daily tasks as they will be presented by the software
  • he will complete the pre-audit and 5S audit documents (document management module) to obtain 5S accreditation

The manager will coordinate the implementation activities (5S Master Plan) and will have a set of tools.

  • He will check that all operators participate in the process and fill in blue cards (tool cards per person)
  • He will analyze (analysis module) the recurring records to create standards of inspection and systematic cleaning
  • He will ensure that the requested works (via the red or yellow cards) are executed in a short time
  • Once the standards have been defined, he will check their execution rate (Kpi’s module)
  • He will communicate the progress made on a regular basis (communication module)
  • He will congratulate the successes during the labeling audits (memos)

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