5S quality – 5S method

Thanks to the 5S method, quality of work and products will be improved. Quality standards ensure process reliability.

Improve quality

Product quality has always been a very important purchase criterion.

Producers have organized their factories to meet this requirement. More and more stringent quality standards ensure processes reliability and are required by major distributors

The 5S method has become a prerequisite to ensure flawless production.


How to ensure quality in a dirty and messy environment?

The risk of errors, contaminations, faults… and many are obviously unacceptable.

Thanks to 5S methodology, it is possible to transform the work environment in a sustainable way and thereby ensure production quality.

From its experience in many various industrial fields, Factory Systems brings you gradually to a 5S labeling very appreciated when quality audits.

By its cleaning or quality or hygiene standards tracking module, specially designed Factory GME – 5S software will allow you to sustain your actions and especially your achievements.