5S maintenance – 5S method

implementation of 5s method is a prerequisite for proper maintenance. If equipments are dirty and messy no effective maintenance can be worked out.

Effective maintenance

The implementation of the 5S method is a prerequisite for proper maintenance. If machinery and equipment are dirty and messy.

  • How to identify and report a small oil leak ?
  • How to identify and report premature wear ?
  • How to verify proper lubrication ?
  • How to quickly find the needed parts at the next change of format?
  • How to set the exact temperature or pressure ?


On the other hand, in clean and orderly environment where each object is not only on its place, but also indicated in a very visible way, a glance will then quickly and accurately detect any technical fault that may occur.

The machine operator becomes the first maintenance person. He can detect problems at their source and often, after appropriate training, already remedy. He thus contributes to the good performance of his equipments.

The technician will also find interest because the benefits valid for the production are obviously valid for maintenance. A new dynamic can be put in place and the boundaries between departments are shrinking, while maintaining to each its specificity.


Factory Systems has developed the appropriates 5S tools. Its Factory GME – 5S software is used in a shared way by production operators and maintenance technicians. Everyone finds their own tasks while maintaining an overview of ongoing problems and actions to be taken.