5S launch of other methodologies – 5S method

First successes of 5s will bode well for further implementation of other continuous improvements methods.

Launch of other methodologies

The economic environment is forcing companies to excel and build muscles to keep their position and ensure their sustainability. To this end various working methods are implemented. They often have the same common point : increased performance through continuous improvement.

The most known are called: Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Kaizen, Kanban, SMED, Six Sigma, GME, etc.

Before launching the most appropriate method for his company, the first step is very often a 5S approach

Why ?

In a dirty and messy work environment, it is very difficult, almost impossible to obtain rapid positive effects offered by these methods. The first results will come from the ability to change its immediate environment. What will be possible to improve order and cleanliness, will be even more for all other aspects of qualityservice, organization, labeling, flow, logistics, performance, etc.

The first successes of 5S method will bode well for the future, a real encouragement to pursue further..

Factory GME – 5S software developed by Factory Systems has been specially designed to track your daily progress. All 5S actions will be recorded by using computerized cards and will also show you exactly the work done. Detailed analysis of recurring cards allow you in a second time to define precisely all the actions to be put in place in order to ensure, at all times, impeccable workshops and equipments. These tasks will be translated into cleaning standards.