5S confidence – 5S method

Thanks to 5S, everything will remind the quality, so much staff and methods as made products. The brand image is ‘a priori’ very positive!

Enhance your image

Everyone knows the saying “the first impression is often the right”. This applies particularly in the context of a company visit. Indeed, the visitor will make up his mind very quickly based on what he sees around him : a working environment clean and tidy, walkways for pedestrians always safe, clean and well painted machines, tools or cleaning equipment well organized on display stands, clear and up to date notice boards, etc.. Everything will remind the quality, so much staff and methods as made products. The brand image is “a priori” very positive!

To achieve this goal, the 5S method is important because it acts in two complementary ways :

  • Achieving the required level of cleanliness and order: follow the first 3 S: sort, locate and sparkle. It is here about a complete 5S which can take several months depending on the size, condition and complexity of the areas involved.
  • Maintain permanently the level reached at the beginning, often the more difficult, by the daily use of cleaning standards and periodically correcting small deviations from a control audit.

So, any impromptu visit will not turn into a disaster, you will always be ready !

The Factory GME – 5S software developed by Factory Systems will guarantee you at the same time the progressive and moderate implementation of the 5S approach and the effective daily follow-up, by its particularly easy to use cleaning standards. More kpi´s (key performance indicators) will allow the management to know, at any time, the specific situation of different 5S areas.