5S safety – 5S method

Safety at work must be a priority for any company manager. If all housekeeping conditions are met, work accidents will be reduced.

Improve safety

Safety at work must be a priority for any company manager, the person with prime responsibility for maintaining the physical integrity of the workforce


Besides, a better level of safety at work :

  • Shows an excellent image of health and performance of the company,
  • Gives a positive and strong picture towards the outside world, because it is intimately linked to order and to cleanness,
  • And allows to make substantial savings, both in direct and indirect expenses.


Safety at work is part of daily job, if all conditions are fulfilled, there will be no working accident !

Among those conditions, the first one is order and cleanness. How to avoid accidents in an dirty and incoherent job environment ?

5S method guarantees a practical and efficient step to reach target. She offers five successive stages, in a continuous improvement process.

To get good results in your 5S step, we recommend you to implement it stage-by-stage :

  1. Accomplish an initial pre-audit of situation and photographs “before”
  2. According to audit, perform your implementation plan
  3. Apply the three first “s” of the 5S method
  4. Define all cleaning standards accurately (what, where, who, when, with what)
  5. Perform the certification audit and photographs “afterwards”
  6. Control regularly the good execution of standards
  7. At the very least once a year, do a control audit

Thanks to successes acquired by 5S, a first important stage of safety at work improvement will be achieved. In addition to numerous avoided risks of accidents, employees will feel more responsible and will adopt new behaviors.