CMMS : Works book

Description of the various CMMS reporting tools, such as custom reports, KPIs and the works book

The CMMS software has various tools very useful to know, at any time, the situation of its preferred indicators. Whether financial or technical information, three types of reports are available :

  • The reports built by the user himself, called “custom” reports.
  • KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, also built by the user.
  • Automatic reports whose works book is the most complete and used.

We will particularly emphasize the works book. This book brings together in one screen all the important information about the nature of the interventions and their cost. Thus, it proposes a complete display according to the chosen period of time (day, week, month, from … to, etc) :

  • Whole company, process or machine set according to the selected level.
  • Nature and description of tasks.
  • Time and costs.

The maintenance manager thus has in a single screen, a complete summary table. The use of “Filters” allows him to select his favorite information on the map and to answer any question in the least amount of time !