CMMS : Work Order

The CMMS of factory GME software uses color cards to effectively manage maintenance work and technical defects.


In CMMS, the main tool for recording work is WO or Work Order, sometimes preceded by a notice. Factory Systems’ CMMS software uses color dots to better symbolize problems or actions. These various cards contain all the necessary information for a fast and efficient treatment of maintenance work or technical anomalies. They are either issued by the production (or the “supply chain”) or by the maintenance for the management of its own work.

Red Cards

For technical defects or lack of order and cleanliness

Blue Cards

For technical defects or lack of order and cleanliness to treat oneself

Yellow Cards

For suggestions or improvements

Turquoise Cards

For work issued by maintenance (all types of work)

Yellow/Black Cards

For safety (accidents and incidents)

Dark green Cards

For environmental issues


While issuing, the color dot is placed on the synoptic, at the precise location of the problem, then it is allocated to be processed. It is composed of three parts :

  • The first part contains the anomaly or suggestion description or the work to be done. It is filled by the job applicant.
  • The second part provides an answer to the applicant by specifying the time frame and the nature of the work. Detailed planning of the operations to be carried out, the necessary labor and the spare parts can be added. In addition, the various permits such as work permit, fire permit, gas line permit, consignment sheet, confined space permit, intervention sheet or parking permit may also be linked to it.
  • The third part closes the work by assigning the working time of the various technicians as well as the spare parts consumed.

To distribute the work to the various technicians, the workshop manager will have an integrated planning tool that will be described in more detail in the “Planning” function.

The use of data: all the information in the cards can be used by analysis tools, standardized or customized reports and KPI’s. The maintenance manager will thus have in real time a comprehensive and user-friendly management tool.


Compared with traditional communication, oral or paper, the computerized work card has many advantages :

  • Direct communication flow, no intermediary between transmitter and receiver
  • ¬†Instant communication (only one)
  • Vision on synoptic for a good understanding
  • Accurate description following the instructions defined in the form
  • Feedback to the issuer
  • Automatic classification in different reports
  • Easy search by criteria
  • Fast graphical analyzes for valuations of information
  • Fast and easy works planning