CMMS: Spare parts

The CMMS of factory GME software manages spare parts interactively from stores or machines themselves.


Through its graphical interface, the CMMS software makes the spare parts management or search fast and pleasant.

Each technician can, in a few clicks, carry out all maintenance operations related to spare parts :

  • Look for a spare part.
  • Check the available stock.
  • Reserve the necessary parts.
  • Display history of use.
  • Discover all the locations of each part.

All items in the Spare Parts Store are managed primarily by the General Inventory Module. It includes all the articles stored or managed and has all the necessary features for a complete identification (with possible photos), a very fast search, easy tracking of stocks, movements, suppliers, etc.

Its main advantage lies in the connection of the spare parts to the photographs that describe the equipment of the technical tree. Each piece can be placed in the right place, exactly where it will be used.

The spare parts management of the CMMS software also has exclusive and very practical features. For example, the definition of technical characteristics. Very often, when a technical element is disassembled, it is a question of finding the essential characteristics in order to locate it in store or simply to order it at a supplier. In the spare parts management module, the main technical specifications of all elements will be defined by the manager. In this way, by the use of corresponding filters, the search and identification will be easy and very fast.


The CMMS  has all the useful features in maintenance management.  Let’s mention the main ones :

  • Description or designation : internal number, supplier number, generic number, item description, photos or possible plans, store location, location on machines, stock, min-max stock, suppliers, price, inventory value, …
  • Movements: inputs, outputs, corrections, reservations, …
  • Offers and orders requests management.
  • Automatic documents creation.
  • History and research tools.
  • Financials elements : configuration or management.
  • Printing : documents or plans


FactoryGME CMMS spare parts management is especially beneficial for everyone involved :

  • Simplicity of understanding and use ..
  • Situation of the parts in their context of use.
  • Simple and fast encoding or searches.
  • Various inventory movements techniques (manual outputs, scanning, …).
  • Reduction of errors.
  • Reduce costs by optimizing stocks.
  • Cost reduction through continuous improvement through direct link to users.
  • Performance indicators (kpi’s).
  • Openness to other software.