CMMS : Simplified search of spare parts

Quick search module for spare parts from representative equipment screens


Finding spare parts can be time-consuming and time-consuming and can lead to costly machine downtime, not to mention the nervousness of the staff involved!

Factory Systems’ CMMS software simplifies the lives of technicians and operators.

Search in Spare Parts Stores

Le technicien a besoin d’un roulement à une rangée de billes pour remonter un tambour de convoyeur. Il a démonté l’ancien pour prendre les mesures car le numéro est effacé : diamètre extérieur, diamètre de l’axe, largeur et protections. Il interroge le logiciel GMAO en suivant l’ordre suivant :

Login et mot de passe->Bouton « pièces de rechange »->Famille « roulements à billes »

The technician needs a single-row ball bearing to reassemble a conveyor drum. He dismounted the old one to take the measurements because the number is erased : outside diameter, diameter of the axis, width and protections. He questions the CMMS software in the following order:
Login and password > Box “spare parts” > Family “ball bearings”

The screen shows all the ball bearings of the stock and at the same time a filter of technical choice allowing the following progression:
Rows: 1 > Ext. Diam > Int. Diam. > Width > Protections

The desired bearing is displayed (if it is pre-encoded) with available stock and in-store location. The technician takes it away or reserves it for later or requests an order if the stock is at zero. Estimated time: 74 seconds.

If the bearing number was known, the routing would have been much shorter :
Login & password > Spare parts button >  Search «6204 2RS bearing»
Available stock and location appear immediately. Estimated time: 31 seconds.

Urgent troubleshooting intervention

The machine is down and the production foreman watches the clock all the time! The technician dismounted the transmission and noticed that a transmission belt was broken. He opens the CMMS software on the synoptic screen of the machine, and goes down to the photograph of the transmission. He sees the symbol of spare parts and clicks with the mouse. Fortunately, this is a belt that has already been replaced previously. All information is available: the exact name, the stock in store, the history of the room, its use in other locations. Estimated search time: 34 seconds.

The belt is available in stock, replacement can be done immediately, to the great satisfaction of the technician and the foreman!

Preparation of a repair

The key to success of a repair lies very often in the quality of the preparation. The work preparer will ensure that all spare parts are available and ready when needed. The CMMS software will be of great help to him in achieving his goals. Indeed, by combining the two techniques of finding spare parts, the goal will be achieved quickly.

Let’s illustrate by an example the preparation of the maintenance of the band saw. The blade of the saw will probably be replaced and the drive belts will have to be checked and possibly changed. The preparer opens the CMMS software and chooses the workshop process, then clicks on the photograph of the saw and the symbols of the blade and the belts appear. The mouse pass defines the characteristics of the part and the left click allows access to the stock, to know the history and to reserve the room for the next interview. Estimated preparation time: 45 seconds for the first part (blade)  and 20 seconds for the second part( belt) if it is present on the same picture.

If, previously, the parts have never been used and identified on the photograph, the stock of spare parts must be consulted using the technique described in point 1.