CMMS : Simplified planning of works

The CMMS software acts as a workflow to assist technicians in their management of technical problems.


In the case of emergency, there is no work planning; it is usually a matter of immediate action by the technical service or very short-term planning, as soon as the parts and / or resources are available.

The technician who will conduct the work will be responsible for completing the red card, symbol of technical anomaly or failure in the CMMS software. He will take care to briefly describe the job done, to record the worked hours, to inform about the machine downtime (can also be measured automatically by the software).

Nevertheless, if the repair is temporary, it is important to issue a new maintenance card (turquoise card, issued by the technical service) which will describe the problem to be treated. This new card will in turn be supported and planned for a next intervention, but in a preventive context this time.

In other cases, the red card issued by the applicant will be allocated by the maintenance manager to the preparer of the work (if this function exists) or directly to the technician responsible for handling the problem.