CMMS : Safety

The CMMS of the Factory GME software has a specific security tool that includes all the elements essential for effective and dynamic management, from the description of dangerous situations to the detailed follow-up of corrective actions.


the use of Factory GME’s safety tools will allow you to respond effectively and simply to the requirements of the new European standards ESWA (European Statistics on Work Accidents).


From the encoding tool called ‘Security Card’, all relevant information will be collected and made available to the safety service, whether it is a dangerous situation, a near-accident or of an accident.

These safety cards will be the basis of the indispensable reports, internally or externally (automated SEAT report) and the unique link to the necessary corrective actions


All information relating to work accidents are found in five chapters in the accidents report :

  1. Complete identification of the victim and witnesses
  2. The precise description of the accident and its circumstances
  3. Nature and location of injuries and first aid information
  4. The configuration of the working place and the tasks performed according to the SEAT standard codes.
  5. Various information specific to each company as well as the follow-up of the actions taken and to be carried out.


The work cards of the Factory GME CMMS software are also equipped with a safety module allowing the addition of different work permits:

  1. Worksheet
  2. Work permit
  3. Fire permit
  4. Confined Space Permit
  5. Parking Permit
  6. Consignment sheet, etc.

These permits are computerized and based on the internal documents of the company. They are also available in paper format for distribution and signature of subcontractors


  • a complete safety module: from the recording of accidents to the analysis, not forgetting the follow-up of corrective actions
  • accessible in real time and according to everyone’s rights
  • configurable according to each company
  • ready to use and in accordance with European requirements
  • visual, friendly and practical