CMMS : Resource planning

Graphical tool for sliding work-cards to different groups of persons (technicians and subcontractors)

As the work is prepared, it is now necessary to allocate the resources and define the period of execution. To do this the CMMS software has provided an interactive planning screen, very easy to use.

It consists of different parts :

  • the display field of the cards to be processed related to the chosen period (for example “this week”) and the designated planning managers (“to be managed by”).
  • when a form is selected, the adjacent field of the planned resources and the times allocated by resource, as defined previously during the preparation of the card.
  • the resource planning field where the various cards will be dragged. It is essential, through the staff scheduling tool, to define the work schedules of each one beforehand.

How to plan a CMMS job ?

To schedule the work, click on the planned resource in the “Preparation – Score” box and then drop the task next to the person and day chosen. You can optionally change the expected time by changing the hours in the dialog box. A color bar proportional to time is drawn.

If you then click in the colored bar (turquoise in this example), you can move the task to another person or another date by holding down the left mouse button while moving.

To find out the times allocated to the various speakers, simply place the mouse on the colored bar for the hours of the day and on the name for the global hours of the week.

Each technician or worker will then have his personal schedule, by day or by week.

Option : some jobs can only be done when the equipment is stopped, in which case the machine stop schedule will be integrated into the task and resource planning tool.