CMMS : Reports

The CMMS of the factory GME software enables to build its own reports and kpi’s by using any information capted or imported.


Equipped with personalized reporting tools or performance indicators (KPI’s) the CMMS software informs you in real time of the smooth running of your company.

The different reports and KPI’s aim to exploit the multitude of information stored in the database in an optimal, simple and fast way. They are designed to meet the most demanding user wishes and are available on screen or on paper.


In addition to the reports already described in the production module, FactoryGME generates many other automatic or custom reports

Automatic reports

They exist by default in the software. Their access rights are manageable.

Examples : equipment mapping, works book, maintenance plan, resource plan, failure rate, MTBF, MTBR, …

Custom reports

The user chooses, among all the recorded data, those which he wishes to appear in his personalized reports and organizes them according to the time and according to membership criteria.

Examples: breakdown reports, maintenance costs, parts consumed, working time recording, subcontracting cost, etc.


KPI’s performance indicators are also user-defined. He organizes the company following a flowchart and places the desired variables next to the different boxes. The visualization Kpi’s module allows, in a few clicks, to learn all the performance, either quickly or thoroughly. The chosen variables can be displayed in graphs or tables.

Examples: downtimes monitoring, yields, worked hours, preventive – curative – improvement rates, maintenance budget, …


FactoryGME reports have some very useful benefits :

  • Speed and simplicity.
  • No double encodings, direct data exploitation.
  • Customization by the user
  • On-screen display or printing.
  • Transposition into Excel spreadsheet often possible in one click.
  • Instant sharing of information.
  • Confidentiality managed by right of management or reading.