CMMS : Real-time recording of anomalies and breakdowns

Tracking and issuing by field staff of technical anomalies and dashboard distribution.


In a traditional organization, the maintenance department is often informed of equipment failures or technical defects by telephone call from production and verbal transmission, sometimes by reception of a work order.

The disadvantages are numerous and well known: imprecise communication, wrong location of the problem, issuer not found, wrong diagnosis or urgency, etc.

The consequences are also very clear: nervousness and loss of time in research, travel, questioning.

In summary: bad start for an effective solution to the problem.

The issuance of an anomaly card.

When he discovers a technical anomaly, the applicant (often the operator of the machine concerned) issues a red card. Since all the equipment is described in advance with plans and photographs, it is enough for him to deposit the flag at the precise place of the problem.

In urgent case (breakdown), a telephone call is made to the technician assigned to go on site immediately.

If there is no urgency, the maintenance manager will discover the technical anomalies, as soon as the CMMS software is opened and decide on the most appropriate action to take. The screens below summarize the situation of technical anomalies issued since yesterday:

  1. Filter choice: anomalies issued for less than a day.
    2. Display of the table of anomalies issued for less than a day.
    3. Choice of the action to take:
  2. Open the anomaly card to follow it and communicate a delay.
    2. Locate the anomaly on the photo (allows you to set the precise location, without leaving your office).
    3. Enlarge the text.
    4. Add a comment to the text.
    5. Prepare the work by planning it in detail: work description, spare parts and necessary resources.
    6. Allocate work to a subordinate.
    7. Add various permits : work, confinement, fire, etc.
    8. E-mail the contents of the anomaly card.

The detected anomaly is now recorded without any intermediary between the applicant and the responsible technician !