CMMS : Project and Meeting Management Software

Through its project management module, the gmao of factory gme software  offers an excellent tool that will allow you to create and follow all your projects.

It will also allow you to manage your work meetings and to publish minutes and action plans. It will also be very valuable for managing your corrective actions following internal or external quality audits.

GME Project

An ideal software for managing all your projects, simple or complex.

Each individual project is managed in a user-friendly way, but nevertheless very complete. The many features are intuitive and require no learning.

A real “assistant” to make your meetings effective.

He schedules the meetings, organizes the agenda, associates the participants and the guests, organizes the minutes, proposes the actions to take and distributes the minutes by e-mail.

An essential tool for managing your corrective actions.

It classifies your actions according to many criteria so as to find them easily and quickly. Partner of the ISO standards, it ensures a global or detailed vision of all the actions in progress, or past.



1. Used either alone or in a network

GME project (faire lien vers Mygme, bonne page) can be used as personal and unique software. In this case a simple download and save to disk is enough. In the case of network use, multiple users can connect and work simultaneously.

2. Management of access rights

In the case of single use, single user has all the rights. On the other hand, for network use, project managers will be identified and will in turn give write or read access to the different project participants.

3. Management of the list of criteria

When starting the software it is important to define the different customizable criteria that allow you to identify very fully all your projects and rank them according to your own criteria. Examples: themes, services, processes, types of action, etc.

4. Project description

This first flap will allow the manager to describe the project briefly and expected goals.

5. Project analysis

This part will be devoted to the detailed description of the project and its various financial aspects (investments, gains, losses, profits,…) and if necessary a research of causes and solutions.

6. Management and follow-up of the meetings

Thanks to this shutter, you can follow your projects by means of working meetings. The minutes of meetings will be bound to it. The actions decided in a meeting will be automatically transposed into the action plan; they can be verified and followed in the course of meeting. All the necessary documents can also be associated. On the other hand, systematic meetings can be also managed and followed through this module, without being inevitably connected to a project.

7. Action plan

It is here about a complete tool for activity planning. It is shaped in a Gantt chart and replaces advantageously the traditional “Excel” sheet. It contains all the essential functions organized in a simple and friendly way. In a very intuitive way tasks are added and planned, deadlines are assigned as percentages of progress. The moves and changes are easy and fast. An indicator “red-green” allow you to assess the progress of the whole project!

8. Control and validation

Once completed, the project will be monitored, commented on and approved by the manager.

9. Project directory

A unique directory provides the overview of all your projects, ranking categories, stage of completion and possibly the necessary budget.

10. Resources

The function “Resources” is accessible from the project directory. It allows to quickly knowing the allotted time per person either globally for all projects or for one isolated project. So everyone can easily check his workload. The manager will have a global view of the workload of all its resources.

11. Research and filter

The search tool allows you to select projects that meet selected criteria. There are numerous and easy to use. An interesting example is the following: if a person is involved in several projects, filter will allow him to select all actions which are bound to him.

12. Related use

GME project is not designed exclusively for project monitoring, but can also be used very effectively in the management of your corrective actions. Indeed, quality policy (ISO 9000 and others) recommend not only efficient treatment of abnormalities but especially implementation of corrective actions to eliminate or at least to reduce them. The various features of GME Projects (lien vers My GME) allow you to properly meet these requirements.