CMMS : Preparation of technical intervention

Work planning: job description, resource estimation and scoring, reservation of necessary spare parts

The task is entrusted to the work preparer who will collect the information and when everything is ready, take the card in charge. In the card previously issued, the preparer selects the “preparation” button and :

  • describes the work to be done in the description field and specifies its nature (useful for reports and statistics).
  • estimates the time needed to stop the equipment and the total duration of intervention.
  • defines in “recording hours” the group(s) of people to be used, the number of “men” needed and the hours to be expected.
  • then choose, via the link to the spare parts store, the various components that will be provided for the repair, without forgetting to reserve them.

The preparation is complete, just fill in the “follow-up” field indicating the completion time.

The card is now taken into account and the delay is automatically communicated to the issuer.

Option : if some permits (fire, intervention, confined space, consignment …) are necessary to perform the work, they will be attached to the cardby the function “add permit”.