CMMS: Planning and Maintaining

Maintenance work planning is managed in real time by the CMMS of factory GME software.


The maintenance shop management plan gives managers a clear and instant view of the workload of their department.

It displays in a single screen weekly jobs scheduled and allocated to different technicians or subcontractors.

It is designed to use data generated by production or maintenance, avoiding copying and automating as many tasks as possible.


Prior to any planning of maintenance work, it is essential to manage the schedules of the various staff. The schedule and absences planning tool first allows you to build and then to consult or adapt the times of presence and absence. Once defined, schedules and holidays will automatically be reported in the maintenance schedule itself

  • Creation of work cycles.
  • Creation of schedules, by groups or individuals.
  • Planning of company holidays
  • Planning of individual holidays.
  • Notification of absences.


Planning and updating maintenance works is often a challenge. The planning module for maintenance works, whether curative, preventive, new, improvement or investment simplifies your life. Its graphical interface allows you to drag and drop all the tasks next to the people who will be dedicated to it. Daily changes for absences, program changes, unexpected stops, … are done quickly and simply, with a few mouse movements.

  • Validation of a pre-planning and assignment of works by the manager.
  • Visualization of the works by the manager and by week (or other period), in a basket.
  • Dragging and dropping by the manager of all the tasks next to the dedicated technician, according to the start date and the estimated time.
  • Modifications and corrections as needed according to the requirements.
  • Automatic visualization of the progress of the work because each task pointed at the job ticket will be instantly signified in the planning window.
  • Back to basket of unrealized works at the end of the period.


The maintenance manager will have at his disposal several management tools that will enable him to measure the performance of his workshops.

  • The various technicians working times report (per day, per week, month, year).
  • The labor costs report.
  • The spare parts consumption report
  • Customized reports created by the manager himself.
  • Reports created thanks to the KPI’s module (key performance indicators).


  • Preventive tasks for the week to be processed appear automatically because they are linked to a certain calendar frequency or to an alarm. A simple mouse swipe places them next to the chosen technician (or group)
  • Curative (red cards) or maintenance (turquoises) tasks also appear automatically in the selection basket
  • Each technician has a global view of the tasks planned for his section and can print his personal tasks list.
  • Possibility to sort by service, by qualification, by group defined in advance
  • Absences are reported visually and no task can be allocated to them.
  • A schedule per process is automatically derived from the staff planning and the related works can be easily transmitted.