CMMS: Maintenance Standards

The preventive maintenance tasks of the CMMS of factory GME software are automatically assigned to technicians after defined frequencies or alarms.


Effective maintenance always requires quality preventive maintenance. For this purpose the Factory Systems CMMS software has interactive maintenance standards. Indeed, preventive or programmed tasks are included in different standards specific to the nature of the work. They will be displayed automatically according to the predefined criteria and directly “clickable” on the screen by the technician.






To facilitate their use and management, these tasks will be grouped into lists or ranges (tasks whose frequency is the same) and will be automatically distributed to service technicians according to predetermined criteria.

These criteria may be linked to calendar frequencies, to alarms coming directly from equipment, to measurements or to the express request of the workshop manager.

For an after-sales service, for example, the CMMS foresees realization of “roadmaps” including the standards and worksheets to be done.


The standards are entrusted to different groups of people. Depending on the user’s login, his dedicated tasks will appear automatically in a table, with the words “to do today”, “to do soon” or “late”.

This validates the completed tasks, encodes the required information or measures and possibly provides comments. If further work needs to be considered, it can be done from the standard itself.


Compared with traditional communication, oral or paper, the computerized standard has many advantages :

  • Automatic communication of daily tasks to be performed.
  • Display on synoptic for a good understanding.
  • Accurate description according to instructions.
  • Feedback to the sender.
  • Automatic classification and link with cards for possible anomalies.
  • Easy search criteria and history.
  • Automatic rate of achievement statistics.
  • Grouping into lists or ranges.
  • Quick links with “roadmaps”