CMMS : Assets management

The CMMS of the Factory GME software has a very user-friendly “asset management” module.¬† It describes the technical tree of the company and its different departments by means of synoptics.¬† All functional items are illustrated of photographs or plans (PID) that correspond ideally to the requirements of users.


In a perfect description of the company, its buildings and premises, its equipment and machinery, utilities, and energy, CMMS software allows each technician to locate in a short time all useful information on its work; whether preventive work, technical documentation, plans, history of interventions, stock of spare parts, etc.


present above each screen, the breadcrumb trail makes it possible to lead oneself quickly to the right equipment.

The upper level displays the entire company or group. The further you go, the closer you get to the detail of the technical description. One could summarize in one sentence: “from factory to bolt”.


each screen also has a hierarchical representation in the form of a listing which makes it possible to add a series of information specific to each branch


in a form of “spreadsheet” this display is also very useful for a single-screen compilation of all current events. With filters and many sorts, it adjusts to the demands of each technician.