CAPM : work card

The CAPM of factory GME software records and processes every daily event with cards that color indicates the nature of the problem. these cards successfully replace traditional “work order”.


Any anomaly or suggestion coming from the staff will be notified and treated by means of a computerized work card:

Red cards

For technical defects or lack of order and cleanliness

Blue cards

For technical defects or lack of order and cleanliness to treat oneself

Yellow cards

For suggestions or improvements

Purple cards

For quality issues

Green cards

For settings

Orange cards

For manual or automatic stops or down times recording

Yellow/Black cards

For safety (from dangerous situation to accident)

Dark Green cards

For environmental issues


While issuing,  the card is dragged and dropped on the synoptic, at the precise place of the problem, then it is allocated to be treated.

The person in charge of the treatment will be able either to fix a delay of realization or to finish the work immediately (emergency).


Compared with traditional communication, oral or paper, the computerized work card has many advantages :

  • Direct communication flow, no intermediary between transmitter and receiver
  • Instant communication (only one)
  • Vision on synoptic for a good understanding
  • Accurate description following the instructions defined in the form
  • Feedback to the issuer
  • Automatic classification in different reports
  • Easy search by criteria
  • Fast graphical analyzes for valuations of information