CAPM : Quality

The CAPM of factory GME software guarantees the execution and traceability of all quality controls without any paper. differences from standards will be validated in accordance with customer procedures. recorded data can be easily processed or analyzed.


Each control will be encoded chronologically according to the required frequencies and available in real time.



Customized to customer specifications and to requirements of each process, the control sheet will be filled directly by the production operators, their managers or quality agents. It will be verified and validated by the hierarchy of quality assurance.

Structure :

  1. automatic link to the current production order and the processes involved
  2. division by nature of controls (different color)
  3. login and password of each user
  4. control information on each cell
  5. different types of validation (at customer’s choice)
  6. automatically measured deviations and calculation of statistics possible continuously
  7. information or alarms on deviations, approvals requested
  8. possible registration by photos or barcodes
  9. Custom data analysis tools
  10. Synthesized reports book for history, search for deviations or responses to customer requests.

Advantages :

Easy to use

No paper sheets to machines

Real-time control, guaranteed updates

No manual data processing

Possible optical readings

Creating graphs in real time

Standard deviations measurement

Quick and easy searches

Out of standards are identified and reported

Custom data extracts and reports

Alarms towards management in case of deviations