CAPM : Production

The CAPM of factory GME software manages your real time production monitoring by communicating performance instantanly (trg, waste, quantities produced …) and by performing global or detailed custom reports.


The production module contains a series of submodules, each with a specific role :


  • Real-time on-off graph or speed graph
  • Automatic stops recording, justification by operator.
  • Sub-speeds measuring and their causes recording.
  • Production graph by article.
  • Real time performance display : TRG, TRS or other calculation.
  • Separate calculation of the waste rate.
  • The reached quantities and job changes (related to the planning).
  • Any other information you want.


Collect by shift all information related to production :

  • Produced quantities, waste rates, yields …
  • Stops cards , breakdowns, anomalies, settings, quality defects …
  • Operational, maximum and average speeds.
  • Micro-stops.
  • Observations or comments of operators and their hierarchy.


Provide access on a monthly basis to a series of management indicators such as :

  • Maintenance indicators: failure rate, MTBF, MTTR …
  • Production indicators: yield, waste, volumes, articles …
  • System operation indicators : cards issued, taken into account, late …


Gather in a single screen all the information of the past period (day, week, month …) for all the processes, or for only one of them :

  • The completed work cards.
  • Tasks or standards performed.
  • Spare parts consumed.
  • Costs of parts and labor.


The different paper documents used for the daily quality monitoring will be computerized to avoid any subsequent manipulation. Completed live by the operators, the data will be reported in the desired format and automatic statistics will be created as custom reports or as KPI’s. Non-compliant detected can be translated in real time into quality non-conformities (see purple cards) to ensure follow-up.


In comparison with traditional communication, oral or paper, the production module :

  • Gathers in one place all information related to production.
  • Has his own reports, generated automatically, without any intervention.
  • Allows specific to each company measurement criteria.
  • Is particularly friendly for field organization of follow-up meetings.
  • Ability to process multiple jobs simultaneously, without any risk of telescoping.
  • Saves all information that can then be used in custom reports or in KPI’s module.