CAPM : Planning

The CAPM of factory GME software offers an integrated or autonomous module for the lines or equipments planning starting from sales forecasts, orders and stocks.


The manufacturing schedule is a complete software that can operate either autonomously or as a module integrated into FactoryGME.

It is developed for planning production lines or equipments from sales forecasts, orders and stocks.

  • Forecast planning of items to be produced based on sales forecasts at 12 weeks.
  • Graphic visualization of needs.
  • Comparison of needs and available capacities.
  • Comparison of staff needs and available resources.
  • Product allocation by line or manufacturing processes.
  • Calculation of upstream requirements (several levels) and planning.
  • Process planning in graphical form.
  • Integration of constraints (stops, cleanings, adjustments, …)
  • Manual corrections and postponements
  • Prints.
  • Inventory update.
  • Displays on production screens.


The benefits of computerized integrated planning are numerous :

  • The planning can be assigned to a single person who has a global view of the operations, even without being specialized in each sector, because all the constraints are integrated at the beginning.
  • Updates are automatic (linked to production) or manual.
  • Significant time savings because drastic reduction of coordination meetings.
  • Sharing information by everyone in real time.
  • Possibility of several interventions simultaneously, without risk of telescoping.
  • Reliability and user-friendliness.