CAPM : Human resources

The CAPM of factory GME software manages schedules and absences, creates staff planning by working place, ensures the monitoring of training and certifications.


A single tool for a global and immediate vision of your schedules, holidays, skills, planning and training.

: schedules creation and monitoring

: holidays and absences management

 : skill matrix

: working places assignments

: training management

Always see the schedule of all your staff (global view or organizational groups).

Regardless of the complexity of the work cycles, make all the desired changes every day (hours changes, shift changes …) or notification of holidays (sickness, holidays, unemployment, accident, compensatory rest …).

Knowing the schedule and the presence of people, the equipment planning and the skills of each; the daily assignment of people to their working place is composed without any problem and especially without errors or omissions

Compose your own training plans and set the criteria for validation or obtaining.

  • Create quizzes for learning control
  • Link obtaining certificates to validating GME documents
  • Use external certificates for special training.
  • Compile as a single block all documents related to a skill required for a given person
  • Visualize and schedule future training,
  • Have a single screen of the overall situation of all your staff.