CAPM : Encoding

The CAPM of factory GME software includes an encoding module for the periodic reporting of many measurements and their automatic integration in the desired reports.


The encoding module allows the periodic reading of many measurements and their automatic integration into the desired reports. It deals with all types of measures such as manufacturing quality monitoring, energy meter reading (water, gas, steam, electricity …), the recording of various measurements during inspection or safety rounds, the miles or kms reading for the follow-up of vehicles, …


Use for measurements recording.

The lists of measurements to be carried out are defined in the software, one list by series of similar measurements (for example, the reading of all electric meters). The list contains all the necessary elements for the successful completion of the various tasks, including route and frequency.

Use for periodic and automatic data transfer

The list will be automatically made by extraction following routines, of data coming from other computer systems (for example the extraction of the rate of absenteeism by department and by month).


The encoding module has many advantages over a paper device :

  • Ease of use.
  • Custom reports.
  • Guaranteed updates.
  • Quick and easy searches.
  • No storage, computer archiving
  • No manual data processing.
  • Measurements control in real time.