CAPM : Analysis

The CAPM of factory GME software offers different analysis tools to continuously improve performance.


As with the Deming Wheel (PDCA), FactoryGME’s analysis or research tools are aimed at continuous performance improvement. Thanks to their graphic design, they make it possible to highlight the most frequent anomalies and / or the most important downtimes.


The FactoryGME software stores countless information in its database, research and analysis tools are designed to allow managers to extract the most relevant information in a minimum of time.


Manufacturing line 2 will be stopped in two weeks, what are the possible works ?

Solution: card search module: selection by process, period, data sheets and printing of the job list.

What is the machine that stops most often in the packaging workshop ?

Solution: analysis module: selection by packaging workshops, period, cards with stop, Pareto stops, detailed analysis by sub-equipment.

Who is the client who claimed most often ?

Solution: analysis module: customer process selection, period, quality sheets, Pareto claims, detailed analysis by types.


The analysis and research tools are fast and efficient. Intuitive handling, they allow management to assess objectively and accurately the various potential improvement in their business and then select the projects that will really make the difference !

FactoryGME reports have some very useful benefits:

  • Accuracy, speed, capacity (many years of history).
  • Efficiency and simplicity of use.
  • Continuous improvement tool.